Misthalin Discord Posted By: Jay

Hello players of Misthalin I ask you all to make sure that you have joined our Discord Server, as we will be doing Giveaways, and Events using Discord.

So in order to stay in the buzz about Misthalin and never miss a giveaway or event make sure you join the discord by clicking the Discord link up top!

We hope each and everyone playing Misthalin enjoys their time on our server. At Misthalin we try to Strive towards catering towards the Community always! For any help or Questions join our Discord or request help on the Forums.

Misthalin Rules Posted By: Jay

Everyone please refer to the Official Rules and please make sure to follow them, players will be warned before being banned if they break a rule.

The Rules are in place to make Misthalin a fun and safer experience for every one of our players. We hope to make the game as enjoyable as possible and for that we must all follow the rules including members of the staff team.

Make sure to register on the Forums and if you need any help please post a thread in the Player Support section.

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